Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sun Merc Update: No update yet!

Downtown Voices Coalition secretary Beatrice Moore lets the community know: No ruling from the judge yet out of October 2 oral arguments.
Superior Court Judge Peter heard defendant's motion to dismiss and plaintiff's motion for summary judgment in the suit, which charges that Council acted contrary to ordinance and without sufficient authority when it approved development plans for the historic Chinese-America produce warehouse in December 2005. The plans call for an 11-story structure to be built atop the city-owned, historic designated warehouse, which is the last intact vestige of the city's former Chinatown. The city's Historic Preservation (HP) Office and HP Commission objected to the plans in the form the developer offered, but the agencies were overruled by the Council's vote. In a broadcast e-mail from Moore on Nov. 29, she exhibited patience with the judge, acknowledging that the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly.

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