Saturday, December 30, 2006

Poor William's Almanack 12-30-06

A lighter shade of 'Borat'

The message in a New Year's e-greeting card sent by an Ecuadorean friend yielded a rather crude rendering by's "Babel Fish" translation tool, reminding us of the vulgarities and cross-cultural clashes of sensibilities in Sacha Baron Cohen's hilarious film

"Que Dios bendiga este nuevo ano y les llene de luz, paz, salud y sobre todo AMOR,

came out as:

"That God blesses this new anus and fills to them of light, peace, health and mainly LOVE, REMEMBERING to THEM ALWAYS"

Almost worthy of a "Marci-ism"! Maybe start a new category, "Margoth-isms"?

Happy New Year to the Cordova family and their huge circle of friends!

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